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Usborne Publishing Usborne Big Subjects for Beginners 5 Books Collection Box Set - Hardback - Age 8-11
Titles in this Set: Money for Beginners Economics for Beginners Business for Beginners Philosophy for Beginners Politics for Beginners Description: Money for Beginners An informative introduction to the world of money, covering everything from bank accounts, earning and borrowing to government spending, taxes and inflation. With bright, infographic pictures, a detailed glossary and links to specially selected websites where you can visit a virtual bank, see money from around the world and more. Economics for Beginners Nobody has everything they need, all the time - so how can we make do with what we have? Economics is all about understanding the choices we make to solve this problem. With bright, infographics pictures, this informative book describes why markets are so important, how businesses work out what to sell, and how governments choose how to run a country. Includes Usborne Quicklinks to specially selected websites for more information. Business for Beginners Dive into the world of business with this lively introduction, whether you want to be an entrepreneur or a smarter consumer. With bright, infographic pictures, it describes how to start your own business, manage your money and beat the competition and explains global supply chains and interest rates. Includes links to websites to find out more. Philosophy for Beginners Philosophy is a way of thinking about just about anything. It asks big questions, such as "how can I be good?" or "what makes something beautiful?" Using lively examples, humorous illustrations and simple thought experiments, this book opens up the world of philosophy to both children and adults and includes links to recommended websites with videos, games and activities to find out more. Politics for Beginners With Brexit looming and constant political uncertainty in the UK, people are more confused by politics than ever before. Politics for Beginners answers the questions that people are afraid to ask, offering a no-nonsense guide to what politics is all about. Topics covered include political systems, elections, voting and government and issues including feminism, human rights, freedom of speech and fake news, all explained with clear text and bright, infographics style illustrations.
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