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Sensio Lighting Dawn LED Bathroom Mirror, Round, Black Trim
Gorgeous LED bathroom mirror for a sleek and modern interior Are you planning to update your bathroom layout with a monochrome inspired theme? If you are, then our Dawn LED Bathroom Mirror can add the sophisticated hint of black that you need! The matt black finish of the rim plus the diffused LED light around the mirror will add contrast and character to your white walls! The edge gets wider at the bottom, so you can use it as storage space, or as a shelf for some decorative pieces to enhance the room's visual appeal. This product features Trio Tone technology that allows you to easily transition between different colour temperatures. With a quick press of the touch sensor, you can go from warm white light to natural white light then to cool white light. Also, the light is dimmable, which is fantastic if you want to have both task lights and ambient lights. You can turn up the brightness and use a cool white light or natural white light when you shave, apply your makeup, or do a skincare routine. If you're doing a pampering and spa day, boost the relaxing atmosphere with some scented candles and a dim, warm white light! An extra added bonus of this design is the integrated demister pad which ensures that instead of fogging up - your mirror will still be usable even after a hot shower! If you're worried about the electrical consumption of this bathroom mirror and how it will affect your electric bills, don't be! LED lights are cheap to run and at only 24W, they can produce a brightness of 1440 lumens! It's a definite win for everyone! Not only will you have a well-lit vanity area, but you'll also be able to save on your electricity bills! So, if you're still using fluorescent bulbs that are not even providing you with the light that you need, replace them now with this! It's functional, energy-efficient, and the design overall is gorgeous, you won't have any problem incorporating it with your room design! We offer a 5-year warranty for this mirror so you can enjoy it
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