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Anderson Press Elmer 10 Book Collection - Ages 5-7 - Paperback - David McKee
A deserved favourite with the 2-5s. (The Sunday Times) "McKee's gentle humor and love of irony are in full force in this celebration of individuality and laughter." —Publishers Weekly Elmer is truly an exclusive character with a very particular appearance, he is a patchwork! Elmer realises his difference and he wonders what life will be like if he was the same as other elephants. Elmer is blooming with vibrant colours, knowledge however Elmer is still a little sad, however it is a story that kids will come to love due to Elmer’s adorable behaviours and characteristics. At David Mckee’s 30th birthday of his first book, he took this cute character into a story with rhymes and an amazing storyline. This special book was released and immediately attracted millions of readers around the world, the dazzling and gorgeous cover captured many people with more than 10 million copies sold worldwide. David Mckee has created something that can be classified as a modern classic, Elmer’s story denotes that it is alright to be a little different and we must embrace that difference and stand out because how boring will the world be if everybody looked, acted and presented themselves the same way? Since 1989, Elmer had been a nursery rhyme which created a memorable impression for young readers. David Mckee’s work has been translated into many different languages which now entertains millions of kids, some of which made into television series and is one of the leading modern contemporary children’s book creators. David McKee had a successful career as an illustrator, Mckee’s first book was Two can Toucan in 1964, and from then had written several children’s books. Some of his best work includes Elmer, as well as his illustrative contributions towards other authors like Michael Bond’s Paddington Bear and Forrest Wilson’s SuperGran books. Elmer, although being picked and laughed at by other elephants, Elmer is someone who sticks to the positive side of life and embraces its true identity. Elmer’s sense of humor and the ability to accept himself is something that kids can learn, as kids sometimes can feel out of place as they grow up and make new friends who can sometimes disagree on things. Elmer keeps the atmosphere fun and happy, after his attempts to hide his colours with the grey, Elmer realises his life becomes dull and lifeless. The pages are filled with amazing artwork and illustrations which bring the story to life, Elmer’s fun personality makes everybody laugh, is suitable for young readers ages 5-7. Titles in Collection Elmer Elmer and Wilbur Elmer in the Snow Elmer and the Lost Teddy Elmer's Special Day Elmer and the Rainbow Elmer on Stilts Elmer and the Stranger Elmer and the Wind Elmer and Super El Join everyone's favourite elephant in this 10 book collection of classic Elmer picture books. For more than 20 years Elmer and his friends have been capturing the imaginations of children and has become a household name. From author David McKee this collection...
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